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National Health: Who Cares?

The Great Yorkshire Conversation, Part 3

Saturday 26 September, 2020, 2pm – 5pm on Zoom


Discussing a comprehensive strategy for restoring our universal health system

Key issues

  • Restoring the whole Health System
  • Driving out Privatisation

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the failings of a health service hamstrung by damaging government policies and unnecessary austerity. Our conference will provide a platform to explore the power of socialism to deliver the highest quality healthcare to all, free at the point of need, publicly financed.

The way to do this is to address the service as a whole system from the Upstream (Public Health, including Care Homes) to Final Delivery (Primary and Acute Care).

It is axiomatic, therefore, that bolstering public health services has a positive impact on societal inequalities and the vulnerable in our society. This will reduce the demand on primary and acute care and reduce costs while improving quality. The rationale for privatisation will disappear and we will bring services back in-house.

Our main speaker will be Prof. Allyson Pollock (Professor of Public Health, Newcastle University; Hon. President of the SHA). A recent BMJ editorial by Prof. Pollock discusses “COVID-19: Why we need a national health and social care service” (read online).

Conference Outline

  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Speaker (Prof. Allyson Pollock)
  3. Q&A
  4. Discussion groups
  5. Feedback
  6. Forward to YSHA Conference 2021