Aneurin Bevan visits patients in an NHS hospital

Welcome to the Yorkshire branch of the Socialist Health Association. We are a group of active SHA members, intent upon influencing politicians and healthcare designers.

We are a campaigning organisation that works to:

· Promote a Universal Healthcare system that encompasses health and social care, meets patients’/users’ needs, is free at the point of use, publicly funded, with public provision;

· Defend the NHS from privatisation, cuts and reorganisations that are detrimental to patient care and/or staff well-being;

· Promote a model of social care that is genuinely integrated with the NHS, localised, free from market forces, and that puts well-being first;

· Provide a forum for debate on the benefits of a socialist economy that works for the good of the whole population and the environment;

· Cooperate with any organisation in Yorkshire that shares our values and aims.

For my own part I have always maintained that to claim for the Socialist movement that it is a “class” war dependent for its success upon the “class” consciousness of one section of the community is doing Socialism an injustice, and indefinitely postponing its triumphSocialism offers a platform broad enough for all to stand upon who accept its principles.

Socialism makes war on a system, not upon a class, to carry it forward we want to enlist conscious Socialists irrespective of class.

Keir Hardie (1903)


Chair: John Carlisle
Secretary: Ruth Milsom
Policy and Outreach: Hasnain Khan